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Actor, dancer, choreographer & Argentine Tango Master.
A truly exponent of the new generation of Argentine tango. Fernando speaks fluently four languages ??and has great charisma characterized by its strong visual impact. From the beginning, Fernando has adopted a classic tango with current features. He traveled the five continents bringing his art in many different places and cultures as a worthy ambassador without borders. He had the honor of being invited to be part of Argentine Tango World Championship in Asia as a Judge. In recent times, he was a partner and has shared international scene with two representative figures of Argentine Tango, recognized throughout the world, Alicia Monti and Gachi Fernandez. His hard work as a teacher is remarkable. The friendliness and precision in teaching has meant that it is very much in demand his participation and collaboration with the most important events at international level.

giselda bressan

Teacher and dancer of Tango, Folklore Argentino, Spanish Dance and Flamenco. She graduated in Communication Sciences. Hes training began at age 4 years and traces all styles of dance to enrich their own style and character. She formed and trained in distant Buenos Aires, with the greatest masters of Tango. She shares the stage with many artists in Argentina and Europe and participates as a dancer and choreographer in different Tournee of several International Festivals of Tango and Folklore. Traveling along with Anibal Castro worldwide, bringing their art and talent in different places in the world. Currently teaches Tango in the cities of Turin, Siena, Rimini, Porto San Giorgio, San Marino and Macerata, and treat internships throughout Italy.

anibal castro

Teacher and dancer of Tango, Folklore Argentino, born in Cordoba, Argentina. He starts dancing folk dance at 5 years. For 13 years he joined the Ballet de General Cabrera. At only 16 years follows the first degree of Folkloric Dance Teacher Argentina. In 2000 creates the Ballet "Dance Art Y" with which obtained several awards. In 2003 reaches the attention of producers and the famous stage of Cosquin, International Festival of Song and Dance in Cordoba, Argentina. Tango brings him to travel throughout Italy and abroad. He participates in many festivals and shares the stage with great artists and internationally renowned orchestras. He currently teaches in the schools of Siena, Porto San Giorgio, Macerata and Pinerolo in Italy.


Teacher and dancer of Tango, Folklore Argentino, born in Cordoba, Argentina. Sophia began her education and professional background as a classical dancer, jazz dance, even becoming Pilates instructor. He won more than 10 gold medals at the International Competition Pre-Cosquin Modern Jazz as the best dancer. She has been dancer of the companies of the Ballet of Cordoba, and of the Society of Tango and Folklore Roberto Herrera. After several performances and workshops she carried out numerous tours as a dancer and teacher in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Brazil.

mariano navone

Master musician and tango dancer, born in Argentina, Mariano stands out for his dancing skills as teacher, but he especially dedicated himself to the study of the quintessential tango instrument, the bandoneon. In fact he graduated in "Musicology of Tango", with Maestro Federico Domingo at "Las Artes del Tango", with the backing of the Association Carlos Gardel. In 2004 and 2007 he won the National Championship of Tango in the category "scenario", finishing as a finalist for the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. He has worked and done several internships throughout Italy. For several years he played and is part of many shows in Europe. His “Musicality for dancers lessons” are famous and appreciated for special education capable of binding the sounds to the movement in dance.


Argentine Tango Dancer
Silvia has a degree in Modern Foreign Languages ??and speaks five languages. She Dance Argentine Tango since 1996 with Argentine masters such as Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Roberto Herrera, Carlos Gavito, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa. In 2003 she began his teaching activities as a Tango instructor. In 2006, travelling for her first Tango Tour in Europe with Chan Park, which translates and publishes the book "TangoZen". Since 2007 she works with the Argentine dancer Jorge Firpo performing in Italy and abroad. Since 2009, she founded the association Tango Allegria based in Rome with the argentine teacher Fernando Serrano. The remarkable artistic collaboration between them determines the continued growth of the members of the association. Silvia organizes together with Fernando very important Tango events in Italy and abroad.


Argentine Tango Dancer, Tango TJ
Gianluca begins to dance at the end of the 90s. He is the Art Director of Milongueando, with permanent establishments in Biella, Novara, Vercelli, Ivrea.
For eight years they have collaborated with the direction Genova Tango Festival. From 2004 to 2010 they produced the Milongueando Tango Festival, which hosted the most important artists of Buenos Aires. In '06 they produced the 1st Tango Festival in Rome Montecitorio Events with more than 100 invited artists in 15 days. He has performed as the only Italian couple invited 1st European Tango Championship in Turin and has danced as a soloist at the National Theatre in Timisoara. Frequent performances at Teatro Ghione, Rome, and at the National Theatre in Prague and Brno has part in the first cruise Tango launched by Royal Caribbean.


Tango Argentino Dancer.
Since 2002 Federica Bolengo, along with Gianluca Berti, has been the Artistic Director of Milongueando, Academy of Tango Argentino & Shows, with permanent establishments in Biella, Novara, Vercelli, Ivrea, and with seminars and internships in Milan, Turin and Genoa. She collaborated with the direction of Genova Tango Festival at Palazzo Ducale, and she participated in 2011 as guest artists. From 2004 to 2010 she produced the Milongueando Tango Festival which hosted the most important artists of Buenos Aires in 18 performances in the squares of the capitals of Piedmont.
Since 2007 she took part in several plays in Milan with Felix Company. She has performed with her partner Gianluca Berti during Milan Fashion Etro, at Pitti Uomo in Florence, and in the Rai Cinema, as well as numerous stage show concert-performances, often as a couple solo.


Argentine Tango Dancer, Tango TJ.
In 1986 he took his first dance classes. He studied with Helene Pede, Coco Dias, Ricardo Labriola, Osvaldo Roldan, Carlos Gavito, Damian y Nancy, Maria Plazaola, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida.
Take part in workshop in Italy and abroad with Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Veron, Eduardo Arquimbau, Miguel Angel Zotto, Mora Godoy, Alejandro Aquino, Pedro Monteleone and many others. He participated in numerous tango shows, including "Intango".
In 1998, in Abu Dhabi with the band "Four for Tango". He dances also with other groups, including "Corrientes de Tango", "Tango Ensemble Garu", "Projecto Tango" and "Nuevos Aires". In addition he participates in all the events during the Roman summer, also in several television series.

caterina perre

She approaches to Argentine Tango and his world almost by accident in 1988, after several experiences of theater and dance, because of a friend and his Argentine love: Maria Florencia Taccetti will be his first teacher in Venice. She continues her studies with several teachers and Argentine dancers of international renown. Since 1998 works in conjunction with various dancers, both Italian and Argentine thus beginning his teaching and artistic work, crowned with a long association with the Master Argentine Fernando Serrano. She realizes performances and shows, in addition to an intense teaching. She collaborated in the creation of the first "milongas" and tango events in Mestre and Venice. She is founding member of the Tango Action association which continues educational activities, arts and culture related to Tango.

pierpaolo cintori

Yoga. He started the experience of Hatha Yoga as a student in 1984 and continued until 1992, when he began a training course for teachers at the FederYoga (Arci nature now EFOA). He began teaching in 1995 at some centers in Ostia (Rome) and founded the 'Cultural Association BenEssere of which directs the courses. He developed a particular practice of yoga based on dance (YogaDanza) posing in specific seminars. Shiatsu. He graduated at the European Institute of Shiatsu in 1994 at Pomaia, following training by attending seminars of the Italian Shiatsu Federation and international renowned teachers as Pauline Sasaki, Andrew Clifford and Akinobu Kishi. He began teaching in 1995 for FederYoga and Cultural Association BenEssere, is therapist from the same year.


tango tinto

Lavorare come Tango DJ ha sviluppato in me una grande fonte di gioia come la danza stessa del Tango. Ho iniziato la mia vita di tango più di 10 anni fa e da allora sono stata attiva nella comunità tanguera in Finlandia e all'estero. Nelle mie selezioni musicali prediligo musica tradizionale dagli anni ‘20 fino a metà degli anni ‘50 suddivisa in tandas classiche con Cortinas, cercando di dare una particolare attenzione anche alle cortine, scegliendo la migliore musica per il momento, il luogo e i ballerini. Trovo una sfida eccitante quella di creare e mantenere viva la voglia di ballare, l'energia e il grande spirito della milonga attraverso musica. Durante la riproduzione dei brani musicali mostro anche il nome dell'orchestra che sta suonando e quella che seguirà. Sono aperta anche ai desideri dei ballerini.

pierpaolo cintori

El Popul Castello or Andrea Gasperini, who needs no introduction, but simply the best Tango DJ of Romagna !! Musicalizza as a professional since 2000 and acquired international experience and fame thanks to the numerous festivals and gatherings of Tango Argentino which is often invited to. He has worked closely with its reference masters such as Felix Picherna, Mario Orlando and Damian Boggio. His style thorough understanding of orchestras and classical singers of the golden age of Argentine Tango and the music selection each evening draws on two basic elements: the best music 'dance' and the management of the 'energy' of the track in such a way that the dancers can make the most of the music so much for listening as for the dance. Each milonga by el Popul is a different night thanks to its ability to generate new atmospheres through his ability to range between Tango and Tango Classic Modern, Musical curtains to dance or themed selections. His personal artistic touch offers often moments of improvisation and surprise performances. His musicality lessons for dancers are also very famous, not to be missed ...


Pizzica Ballerina
Originally from Ruffano, she studied modern dance, then follows its roots in the folk dance of Salento, the Pizzica.
In the summer of 1999 she became part of "The Tamburellisti Torrepaduli". With them she Worked alongside artists such as Antonello Venditti and Vibrations in 2006. She has participated in many concerts all over the world dancing on stage as prestigious as the biggest concert of "La Notte della Taranta”. In 2007 she represents the Salento’s dance in the U.S. in Manhattan at the Columbus Citizens Foundation, the University of New York and the New York Times Travel Show. She is often invited as a teacher to give lectures and workshops of  Pizzica Dance throughout Italy.

Orchestra TANGO HARMONY (Hun)

The orchestra was founded in 1998 with the guidance of Katalin Bartha. Initially she was inspired by the music of the great master and Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla. Then the orchestra began to build its own repertoire, beginning to play in several concerts and performances, the music of Piazzolla as well as traditional tangos, waltzes, milongas and also by the music composed by the pianist György Lázár group. The Harmony Tango Orchestra performs at festivals, national and international theaters. Since 2002 they have been playing music for evening events and shows. The performances include prestigious venues such as the National Theatre of Hungary Dance and milongas of Tango Danubiando International Festival. Tango Harmony organizes in Budapest "Tango Salons" with performances of well-known Argentine and foreign masters: Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina, Cristhian Sosa and Sabrina Garcia, Alejandro Beron and Verónica Vázquez, Özgür Demir & Marina Marques and of course the best artists Hungarians.


TIME ART - TRADITION AND AWAKENING. Katalin Bartha founder of the Harmony Tango Orchestra, having traveled and performed numerous concerts of Tango Argentino, was inspired to new musical genres, improvisation and dance the tango, and combining all this has generated Katango, a moment of art between tradition and awakening. Thanks to a special musical instrument similar to the violin, Katalin Bartha offers an new approach to the music of Tango. Katango is improvisation Tango with new technology tools, which finds its strength in synergy with the dancers who dance the tango while listening. Each concert is characterized by the unique atmosphere generated together by Katalin who plays the music and by all participants and dancers.


tango tinto

An ensemble of Tango Argentino composed by argentinean and european artists: Barbara Varassi Pega, piano; Gerardo Agnese, bandoneon; Vincenzo Albini, violin; Virgilio Monti, bass. For years on the European scene, the orchestra is distinguished by a solid experience in style and a great harmony. It offers different shows: concerts, performances of music, dance and video editing, all of high quality and professional experience. They play a listening or dance repertoire, which embraces the different periods of the history of this urban music, from the "guardia vieja" to contemporary artists, including songs of the most famous composers (Pugliese, Troilo, Gardel, Piazzolla, Arolas, De Caro, and many others) and offering them with its own and characteristic style. Since its formation, the orchestra has performed frequently in Argentina and Europe (Italy, Spain, Austria, England, Germany, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland) and was always well received by critics and audiences. He has two CDs: "Tango Tinto" (2004) and "Ojos Negros" (2007), with the participation of musicians invited. Currently working on a new CD.

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tango tinto

Born in Buenos Aires, at seven years old performed for the first time on stage with his father, from whom he learned to play the guitar. At eight years old took part in the recording of the album "Los santiagueńos sean unidos" (RCA Records) with important artists of the Argentine folklore. At nine years old he met Tango, having the opportunity to play in the Café "Homero Manzi" with the singer and bandoneonist Ruben Juarez. Later he began to study singing and graduated as Master of Guitar. In 1999 he joined the folkloric "The Chimbera" group as a guitarist, backing vocals and arranger, recording the first live album in 2000. He arrived in Italy on 2008, where he resumed his passion for tango, starting his solo career as a guitarist and singer, performing on different stages in Italy and throughout Europe. He currently works as a singer in the famous tango dancer Company MIGUEL ANGEL ZOTTO, works as a singer of the Orchestra TANGO TINTO, and Typical Orchestra "THE JUAN D'ARIENZO".

I Tamburellisti di Torre Paduli - Orchestra Pizzica (IT)

Pizzica musicians, orchestra.
The group takes the melancholy music that heals and is inspired by the grand traditions of the tambourine and dance - fencing of Torrepaduli, where every year (August 15) revived an ancient culture linked to the Shrine of Saint Roch. The success of Tamburellisti, in the end, even contributing to the rapid growth of “La festa di San Rocco”. The land of Salento can be considered culturally greek and it is the pizzica the best expression of this cultural fusion. So the art of Tamburellisti, despite a location posters contemporary tastes Greek: dancers and musicians seem really satyrs and maenads of a Dionysian dance.


aria corte

Popular music of Salento, 20 years on stages in Italy, Europe and the world to play and sing the love for their land, with the aim of keeping alive the oral tradition and popular culture of the region of Apulia. A music that, despite having ancient roots, looks like a reinterpretation of traditional forms of popular music culture in relation to a new expression and a modern identity. Ancient instruments like the tambourine frame and tammorra beat the rhythm of "pinches" agreeing, without interruption, with the rest of the instrumentation panel. The sound flows remains typical of the Salento but the complexity of orchestra, produces a distinct sound plot, where ancestral sounds made of rhythms, harmonies and melodies, kept alive by the time spent in tradition of an old will take place without inhibiting outpourings. The harmonious blend of voices, supported by the sounds of the language of the musical instruments, the liveliness of the arrangements and the stage presence of some dancers give to their show an increasing emotional intensity that approaches a dynamic pace and flourishing.

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